half this and double that

I can name about 457654 things I'd like half of and just as many as I'd like doubled!
But do these words blow my kiddos' minds!
Our text introduces these terms after arrays, but right before equal shares (or early divisional thinking) like that word...divsional!?
I made a quick foldable for our math spirals while ignoring them all morning over the weekend, and thought I'd share!

 Because Krista's graphics are so darn cute!
So enjoy!

click picture to download

Bright Idea: test scores at a glance

It's that time again! SO get your link up on!

Today's bright idea is one of those DUH! moments for me!
Sometimes it's the smallest things!
A few years ago, I was creating cute little covers for our required Math Expressions and Reading Street test. I like all my tests in booklets.

I started thinking about how I hate flipping through the booklets when I have to transfer the data to my personal data notebook and again when the kids transfer their data to their own data notebooks.
lots of flipping

so why not plaster that little list right on that cover!

Now I can transfer everything right to my own data notebook!
and it's easy! I used publisher and just added a skinny little text box, but same goes with powerpoint (which is what I use now).

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five for friday and a fairy tale freebie

It's been a fairy tale week!...okay, maybe for the kids! But my neck hurts and I think I forgot my meds a few times. SO maybe not for the kiddos either! haha!
We did start reading tons of fairy tales this week. They LOVE them! I stuck with classics, because frankly, they don't know them. In common core, second graders compare similar tales from around the world. So that is what we will do next week! (psst...it's a four day week and I could not be more excited...to do nothing!)
I can tell you this, stick a play in these kids' hands and they are set! They love performing. 
I used plays from this book-

And we made stick puppets which were a hit! 
so here are a few shots from the week!
and there's a freebie at the end!
so here's my five for friday!

this week marked the return of baseball season for the Lambs! Love my little catcher!
some zen time with gonoodle.com we were too hyper for aour regular dance and exercise moves

the three pigs in action!

play practice!

yes, I bribe. judge if you must! We still have another week before spring break!

final bulletin board with our arrays. I hate the border, but I'm too lazy to change it. ugh

and here's your fairy tale freebie! 
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addicted to change

I know I cannot be the only one. I love change. Not like a new husband or anything. But I love change...
hair color
paint color
nail color
furniture arrangement
blog design
phone cases
hair cut
teacher bag
desk arrangement

you get the idea. Some of these obsessions can be costly, like say...blog design! Others are just ridiculous! Like my collection of phone cases!
I truly believe this is because I am a horrible, no good, rotten decision maker!
So my newest blog design comes just a few months since my last redo. But, come on, have you seen Megan's work!? Seriously! And my last one never felt complete since it was more on an "update". It felt scattered and cluttered to me.
Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

circa 2011...
this was my first design-by me, might I add! how scrappy I was!
then I made this one
by then, I was making buttons for the sidebar, too! impressive!

then I had this little gal. She's from jw illustrations. I paired it with a free template from TCBOTB. There's no title because I used regular ol' blogger templates. gasp

but them I learned to make a button! I was so stinkin' proud y'all!

then I finally shelled out some money for a sweet design from dreamlike magic
She is super quick, pre-made templates are adorable, and like $20! So good in fact, I got another one! And I changed my name this time! See, I couldn't even stick to a blog name!

then I got real Daddy Warbucks and had a custom blog designed by honeybunch. It was fabulous, let me tell ya! 
seriously gorgeous. But, alas, I got bored. I wanted that cool nav bar tabs that other's had, oh, and a framed title. so, I had it updated with TCBOTB to this...

and I even made that little mugshot of myself there! 

And guess what!? you will soon see a brand new design! My sweet friend, and fellow Owl Megan (form a bird in the hand designs), is installing the design as we speak! I promise her that I will stick with it for awhile. I truly loved every design, too. I just love change. I will say this for poor Megan, she stuck with me! haha! Like I said, I am a horrible decision maker! How many font changes can I make? Oh, what about this color? Love you!

here's a few more things from Memory lane!

this one never made it! Yep, that was going to be the name!

and I have had a few signatures in my day as well!


so if you are ready for an upgrade, I would highly recommend any of these designers! And hopefully you will stick with one for awhile!

currently...already? April?

I'm linking up with Farley today for currently!

Are y'all as tired of April Tomfoolery as me?!
Though I did get my kids pretty good today with Denise's Lirpa Loof! And if you don't want to go on a hunt, check out the original Lirpa Loof on youtube! It was a joke in the early 80s on BBC! And it's funny!

listening to reruns
loving Lost-we just finished Season 1. yea, 10 years after the fact!
thinking about next year. It's a teacher illness you know. do y'all have classes like I do? Great one year, questionable the next? I'm getting worried! I love my kiddos this year, so what will next year hold!? eek!
wanting taxes to be over. Hubs gets all up in arms about money. I don't even mess with it! So I don't like tax season because he doesn't. And I sure don't like paying!
needing the next 2 weeks to come on a long! Come on April 18!
and the last one speaks for itself. I would really like to find some research that shows what a waste it is to have kids be at school at 7am! We never start anything for the first hour...waste...

and I also posted a springy little freebie on Owls today! Go check it out!

five for friday (and a sale)

It's time to do some spring cleaning!
I'm joining a slew of fabulous bloggers to clean out my wishlist! Don't forget about leaving feedback to earn those credits! All my products are 20% off til Monday!
And here's my five from the week! It's been pretty super!

it was NOT this little Lamb's birthday...I think the picture speaks for itself!

Loved this activity from Linda Kamp! I really think they will remember the shape names and attributes better! and the bulletin board rocks!

We made the classic 3D shapes with toothpicks

We held student-led conferences on Tuesday night. I will post more over the weekend! But in the meantime, I used Melissa's editable pack from tpt this year!

One of my students used every one of her rainbow loom bands and made a "necklace" that literally held every kid. Here they are walking around the room during recess! It stretched clear across the room!

K-5 Learning {an online tool} and a sale!

Just popping in to share a new site (at least new to me!) called K-5 Learning! I know I am always looking for something engaging for my lab time!

they also have a free trial I urge you to check out!

I am also having a little sale this weekend! Spring Cleaning time!

K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to grade 5 students. I've been given a 6 week free trial to test and write a review of their program. If you are a blogger, you may want to check out their open invitation to write an online learning review of their program.
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