Visual Plans-Apples for Big Kids

So I may not be able to keep posting these, but they do help me out each week!
This week we are doing a scaled back apple week. My kids have had apple weeks in PreK, Kinder, and First grade, so I do not go overboard with it. They've done the taste testing...and the apple floating, so we READ a lot about apples and life cycles! I also made a fun math activities with apply riddles. My kids love jokes! I just snagged A Year of Many Firsts' Apple of My Eye unit and I think it will go nicely with my Applicious Printables!
Another reason I made that pack was I will have my first sub on Wednesday. I am nervous y'all. bad. They were slightly crazed children today. I may have used the word "heathens" I am hoping if the sub can keep them so busy they cannot talk, all will be ok!
So here's a rundown of our week!

We are reading Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night from the basal and working on retelling. I use the other Henry and Mudge books as read alouds to do the crafts, too. We also always watch the Mastiffs on Animal Planet's Dogs 101. Most of the kids have no idea how big those dogs are! Today we used the retelling cards that come with reading street to write a retelling using only 6 sentences...yes, poor babies had to write/copy 5 whole sentences! Bless!
We also start our Sound Energy unit. Tomorrow we will go on a sound field trip with clipboard in hand, then return to the room to discuss volume. I posted about it on Blog Hoppin' yesterday!
I STILL have not introduced Work on Words...I feel like I am really getting behind, but we have 160 more days and I know I cannot shove everything in half-assed! So here's to hoping tomorrow is the day!
Activities pictured above include:
Common Core Morning Work from Second Story Window
A Boy and His Dog from Amy Lemons
Word Work Trio from 3rd Grade Thoughts
Apple of My Eye from Lyndsey Kuster
Applicious No Prep Printables for big kids from me
Good Vibrations Sound unit from me
Sound field trip freebie from me

Other activities I have and would love to do! It's a 4 day week! 
Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed from Bubbly-I will make this fit in! I love these!

there is seriously so much apply goodness out there. Maybe next year I will extend it a little!
Happy Monday!

Pirate Treasure! A Blog Hoppin' Linky

Ahoy, me Hearties!

Today is 'International Talk Like a Pirate Day'! To celebrate, I have joined with some friends to give you the chance to find lots of pirate booty!

Each blog will have some different treasure for you to find!

I want to share with you, a free set of activities that will have your little landlubbers rolling!
Would You Rather-pirate style
What's Your Pirate Name
and a pirate trait craftivity that could be used with ANY pirate themed book or for themselves as a pirate!
You can find it in my Tpt shop!

You can also click on the image below to find my whole TpT store on sale! Blimey, that is good news!

Don't forget to pillage some other bloggers buccaneer's posts for more great teaching treasures!

Thanks for stopping by! 


Open and Closed Syllable FREEBIES

I've mentioned before that we use Letterland for spelling and phonics. This is our first official year using it since we were just handed the manual last January.
Anyway, Unit 2 is open and closed syllables. Now, I knew nada about syllable types until like last week. This just is not how I learned to spell! Whole language all the way!
But Letterland uses characters and very intricate stories to explain spelling rules and such. It's pretty interesting actually!
I mean, did you know that Oscar Orange can be happy and say his vowel name if he's protected from the robbing robots by a consonant? yep, bet you didn't! Translation-there's a short vowel sound if the syllable ends with a consonant...
Teaching syllable types to 7 year olds is proving to be a little overwhelming to me, so I have made lots of practice activities and games for us. One I shared on IG yesterday and you can download it here!

I love using scholastic book orders any way I can. I truly don't get many student orders with our population, so I use them in class more! Yesterday students searched the book order for whole titles with 2, 3, and 4 syllables. I took them a little while to get the hang of it, but they did great! The directions say cut and glue the books, but I just had them write the titles. We've been gluing a lot lately! There's also a second page for more practice if needed.


and here are a few activities I found on TpT we've been using as well! and they're all free!
Open and Closed minilessons (I projected these on the screen)
Open syllable sorts (I made sentence strip words with one set and am using the second set as independent practice)
I'll be sharing a few more things as we progress through the next few units on syllables. I like to "teacher-test and kid-approve" things before posting them!

five for fraturday

we started read with someone on Tuesday. It's really a toss up! Sometimes we do great, others notsomuch. I never got around to introducing Work on Words like I was planning. so bump to next week!

We read watched Elmer on YouTube. It's a great narration if you don't have the book. We talked about how Elmer teaches the other elephants to Sharpen the Saw and let loose every once in awhile. Then they designed an Elmer to represent themselves. Of course someone just colored him gray...nuff said. The Elmer is a freebie I found on TpT and the writing and lessons are from Reagan's unit.

Loving our math and reading notebooks! Here's a few lessons we did this week. The 10 frames are from Blair Turner's CC bundle. It's awesome! the other 3 are the FB freebie I shared this week. We focused on making 10 all week and use nickels, pennies, and dimes as well.

I bought this activity this morning actually. I had a few 9/11 activities, but I loved the layout and reading level of this one. The kids were able to work on it while I benchmarked, too! Win-Win! and I know the spelling is horrid, but so sweet...

We still focused on character traits this week. I'm really trying to get ahead on my anchor chart art, but it ain't happenin! The first we did together after watching, the second one I placed traits on the treehouse while the kids reread the story with a partner. Then they chose one and placed it in the right spot. We are working hard on character change!

A Peek at my Week: Week 3

It's week 3 and we are diving into more rounds of Daily 5 this week! Have you read Katie's post yet? She inspired me to try a few new ideas. This is my 5th year using the D5 format for my reading block. It is different each year; not because I don't like how I did it, but because each group is so different! Last year's group were not "real readers". They didn't come to me loving it. So we ONLY did Read to Self and partner reading to develop that love. I want them to know they can read what they choose. Not have to go to Barnes and Noble and look for a level K book. I know many, many people would disagree about all their books being their choice, but if I am teaching 3 ways to read a book, how can I go back and tell them they cannot check a book out because they cannot read the words? I read magazines daily. I do not read every word! We learn to skim and scan. Read captions. check out illustrations.
Here's my action plan for the week!
Look for product links underneath and a NEW FREEBIE on my facebook page!

Early bird morning work from Second Story Window
Louder Lili (still working on this week) from Linda Kamp
Sentence Unit from Amy Lemons
Wow vs. Blah sentences from Kelley Dolling
Super Sentences (these are perfect for us to start out with Monday and Tuesday!
Pigeon Unit from Susan Jones (I'm just using one activity from this and we will use more when we do our Mo study!)
Process Skills Unit from me
Bad Case of the Stripes freebie from the Imagination Nook

five for friday

shoo! Week 2 down!
today felt forever long!
do you have "assembly schedules"?
that's when your whole day is rearranged because their is a school assembly! makes sense
but having our whole day rearranged on the 9th day of school notsomuch
I have planing period at 9:30 each day
it's wonderful
a nice break between math and reading
but on our assembly schedule, my planning is moved to 11:30
and since we start at 7:10 AM!!!! it was a very long morning!
I wish I could put my dramaticness in my typed words here!
But it's all good now!
Monday-we did our first poetry race with partners

and read Louder, Lili
isn't their spelling cute!? ok, maybe not...

Wednesday-Race to 100 in our Math notebooks

Tuesday was our first Read to Self session...and by Thursday we had some amazing read to self stamina building going on! This group loves books!

and I found out I won a giveaway at MPM School Supplies
I have blogged about them before...because they have it all! 
and great prices and fast shipping!
and I always enter their bulletin board contests, too!
See our Superhero board? Vote for us! or enter yourself and vote for us! haha!

I didn't get to half of what I had planned for the week, so I am partially ready for next week! I'll hopefully be sharing my plans on Sunday with Deedee! TGIF


I'm linking up with Farley for September's Currently!

the washing machine is running-hence I'm thinking about what to wear tomorrow! It's damn near 100 degrees by recess time at noon. But I never, ever, never wear shorts (and yea, we are allowed to) I wear my Old Navy or Groopdealz wide leg linen pants. Seriously. I wear a pair probably 3 times a week! I have navy, black, white, and khaki! They are the best pants in the whole world! and...wait for it...they have an elastic band waist like maternity pants! haha! Yes siree! 

I discovered Stephanie's Morning Meeting book last month and I am so glad I did! I tend to start things and not stick with them...morning meeting is one of those things! But her guide and ideas are keeping me going! I use greetings from Christina Bainbridge (they were posted on her website when I started teaching second, so not sure if she still has them!) and we go over our day. I actually write it all out on my chart stand! I have a few littles that can't wait to take over this job! 

Thanks to you fabulous people, my DonorsChoose grant was fulfilled! My projector arrived today! Can't wait to get that baby up and not squint all day!

oh, and I ordered a large scholastic order right before school started. And it was delivered on the first day of school...but, I never got it! what?! Not sure if there was a UPS mix up (they have a time and signature) or if someone jacked it, but I will find you...errr. It really irks me because I ordered the new Minecraft guide for Middle Lamb for his great first week of school and now I don't have it!

and last, but not least...Italy because who doesn't (though my little sis claims it's nasty!) Seattle because I'm stuck in the 90s, and China because I really really really wanna see the terracotta soldiers! and the great wall!

Happy September! GO link up too!

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