A is for A Great Book!

I missed yesterday.
simply out of pure exhaustion.
I should've scheduled my post ahead of time!
Yesterday was our last day of the week, and we know how long those days are!
So here's my A...
Like maybe I'm more thankful for books than the hubs sometimes!
I get in funks when I won't read for pleasure for months, but over this past summer I read all.the.time.
I read all the books I'd been wanting to read and found some new authors along the way!

I read all of Gillian Flynn's books this summer. Well, all THREE...she needs to get on the ball cause I'm addicted! I love them and am frustrated by them all at the same time!

Here's what I read my first month out of school. I LOVE Khaled Hosseini! The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns...ahhhh
I also read a few John Green novels. And I just finished An Abundance of Katherines.  Great teen novels. Looking for Alaska is the best so far. And I read the Divergent trilogy. Great. I always hate finishing series though!

Mindy Kaling brought some humor in between seriousness...
and since school has started I've kept up my reading...

I read Leaving Time and I seriously could not wait to get home everyday and READ! OH! Loved it!
Then I read a John Green novel and was like, um, I need to read another great book! I mean, he's a great author, but it just wasn't a good followup to a great author!
Now I'm reading my 4th Tana French novel.

My little sis got me on to her. She writes crime novels, but they are set in Dublin. The characters and stories are amazing!
Into the Woods and the Likeness are 2 of my favorite books EVER! Esp. Into the Woods. I've never read anything like it!
So that got me wanting to go and read!
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T is for

So on to today.

Time! I am so grateful for time these days. It seems I have less and less time in the day. Our schedules are more demanding in the classroom with restricted and protected times set by admin. I have less time to plan with tier review meetings for RtI, PLC's, grade level meetings, etc. I have less time to really teach some of my favorite subjects that I'm passionate about...science! So when I have time...I savor it. Not always making the best use of it (I am not sure most people enjoy a nap as much as I do!), but I enjoy my time!
What are YOU thankful for?

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and tonight the Sarah Hale giveaway ends, so enter now!

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A quick Thanksgiving giveaway!

Need some quick and dirty this week...I know I do! Last week I used my How Thanksgiving Became a Holiday and read Thank You, Sarah five days in a row...
I have 12 of these trait maps in my room!

This class needed less "freedom" and more focused learning, so we used the article instead of the book

and more maps!

so I figured why not extend my lessons with Jessica's amazing Sarah Hale unit she JUST posted! We will be using a lot from this so they can work quietly at their seats while I await Wednesday on those reading skills and some turkey inferencing I'm working on right now!

This is just like my Unwrap an Inference and A Valentine's Mixup...but with turkeys of course!
#alwaysworking #alwaysprocrastinating

Anywho, we've teamed up to bring you BOTH our products! It's a quick giveaway (ends Monday night) and you could always use it when you go back after Thanksgiving (or next year too...!)

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Let's Give T.H.A.N.K.S! a linky

It's that special time of year again when we can look around us and be thankful for what we have. Especially with a few days off! And I mean that in all seriousness. I have time to sit and enjoy my boys. I have time to miss the kids at school. I have time to laugh it up with hub's family and again with my family. I have time to work on products that need some finishing touches.

Book Talk Tuesday...and a giveaway!

So here's what I'm sharing! Thank You, Sarah by Laurie Halse Anderson

Don't throw tomatoes or anything, but I just read this book for the first time on Monday! Like seriously. I forgot I even had it and I was doing a lesson on Sarah Hale and why Thanksgiving is a holiday...and I spotted this book in the class library...you'd think I would have read it before making the unit huh???
I grabbed it from the shelf...
let's be honest...
at first glance it looks kinda dull
One of my boys asked if it would be boring
I said it wasn't a funny book (apparently I stick to funny books when I read aloud and they are spoiled)
So I start reading...Oh.My. This book is hilarious! Seriously!
We laughed at the illustrations and text on every page! It's chock full of facts, the caricatures are hilarious, and I love the humor kids don't get!
Thank You, Sarah...
If you've avoided this book too...let me persuade you to read it aloud!
I'm giving away my newest pack...I've been using it all this week, in fact, I'll be teaching it to five different classes! If you haven't read much on Sarah Hale, let me tell you, she will be your idol! I dug deep into her beliefs and how she fought with her pen while writing my minibook, not to mention the lady almost singlehandedly got the President to agree to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, write Mary Had a Little Lamb-I'm biased-fought for playgrounds at schools, education for women, and maintaining national monuments all while raising 5 kids alone during the Civil War era!

Just comment below telling me your favorite part of this book and I'll choose a random winner on Friday!

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for five for friday!

I don't know about y'all, but this has been the loooooooongest week of the year! Shesh!
Full moon? I don't know if the lunacy is related, but I will use it as an excuse!
But the show must go on, so here's a peek at what I was up to this week! and be warned this is really random!

I have problems with Instagram, as in I see lots of cute clothes and jewelry and follow the IG'er and subscribe to their liketoknowit accounts, and click LIKE on EVERYthing, get the email about the outfits, and then buy it...
luckily one account I LOVE is a set of twins who love target! Go follow the double take girls! such cute outfits! I would've passed this flannel right up at Target if they had not styled it so many cute ways! oh, and the necklace too of course!

My teammate Katie and I have started switching classes in the afternoons. I LOVE teaching science and she loves SS, so I teach science to her youngins twice a week while she covers all the holiday jazz. Mondays are reserved for Letterland and Library and the other two days I repeat the lessons with my kiddos. She used my Day of the Dead unit and this powerpoint! The kids EATitUP every year. They've never heard of this holiday and it's the perfect followup to Halloween, plus it's just so different than our culture! If you didn't snag it for free earlier in the week, it's included in my unit now, as well as separately!

Now I was across the hall teaching matter. Which I love. When I had a kit to use. Y'all, it's hard to teach matter without my kit! But, I just supply my own little experiments now! I started out with a little refresher of what they learned about in first grade, and after watching BrainPop Jr, we broke out the magazines and searched for examples. Finding gas is always a treat! This activity is from Inspire Me ASAP! I've used it for  years now! Next week we will start with experiments because they sure do not believe air takes up space! =)

While I obviously use my unit for teaching the bulk of this unit, I always supplement with a few other amazing resources, especially ones for any crafts, reading, and more experiments! Here are the ones I use! because 2...or 5 Heads are better than one!


My team has tweaked our schedule just a tad to allow for some whole group reading. We actually only had time for our reading groups as it was. So I snagged Cheryl's The Ugly Pumpkin unit and off we went! Oh MY! They LOVED the book (and I do too!) Of course they all thought I was crazy for reading a Halloween book on Monday, Nov. 3, but I promised not all was as it seemed! I won't spoil the story, but it is for THANKSgiving! She focuses on making connections in the unit, so we watched Thank You, Mr. Falker on Storyline today (because Pat writes some great books, but they are long!) and I could believe all the connections they made! And I mean, seriously...look at these gourds! Oh My Gourd! I also love her unit because it has just what I need and not lots of fluff! She has some great book companions! and why yes, I DID hand write that title...I can copy a font like a pro, I just have to look at it and I'm obsessed with this font! I type whatever I want, pull it up on my screen, sit with my sharpie and go!

I also got a couple of tattoos this week. Not great pictures, but the twigs are above my elbow and I just can't get a good one anyway!


 I'm posting today on behalf of all the "Mo Sistas" who love our guys... and want to promote the importance of men's health!

I love that motto! 
And this month, I found some ‘stache fun with a definite purpose!

Introducing MOVEMBER!

What is Movember, you ask?!

The Movember campaign is a movement which was created to promote men's health.  It’s no secret that in this busy day and age that finding time to get regular check-ups and take care of yourself is difficult, and perhaps just plain intimidating… especially if you are a man. How hard is it for the hubs to go to the doc!? It's just not their thing...

Thus the creation of MOVEMBER!
Movember is about bringing back the moustache (Mo), having fun, creating conversations and awareness, and raising funds for men's health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

Check out this little video to be inspired "MO STYLE"...

Here is how it works…
Men are encouraged to “Shave the Date” on November 1st and start with a clean face.  Then, for the rest of November, they are encouraged to grow moustaches!   When other people inquire about them growing a “MO”… men use the opportunity to share about their participation in MOVEMBER and also encourage other men to go and get a health check up!

Sound fun?  You can become an official 
“MO BRO” or “MO SISTA” MOVEMBER supporter  by visiting  http://us.movember.com/.

What a great cause!   

Don’t you just LOVE these MOVEMEBERish Mustache Mania themed materials?!

Of course, they are from CreativeTeaching Press!  {I’m sure y’all already know how obsessed I am with all of CTPs stylish teacher resources!!!  LOVE. THEIR. STUFF.}   And in typical CTP fashion, they are 100% “in” to helping me promote this awesome cause!  

So… I’m doing a RAFFLECOPTER giveaway of a 
Creative Teaching Press MOVEMBER Mustache Mania product bundle! 

You could win a bundle of some of these epic goodies!

“mustache” you to spread the word about MOVEMBER
and sign up to win this awesome prize bundle too!

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