confessions of a stationery addict

Sometimes I think my draw to education is stationery
I've always loved stationery
Sanrio's was my favorite place in the entire world as a child
and it probably still would be if it was what it used to be!
I spend the better part of my childhood picking out pencils, stamps, stamp pads, pencil holders, pencil boxes, clipboards, notepads, pens, pens with charms, you get the idea
while my mom spend the better part of her teacher paycheck in that place because of course, it all had to be personalized with their signature dotted letters!

That love of stationery never quite went away. Just grew up a bit.
I cannot pass up notepads and stickies that are cute in any way
I can spend hours in Target, Office Max, and Michael's perusing those aisles
So here's where the problem begins!
Look at all this stationary that has been delivered right to my door in the past two weeks!

I'm also a monthly member of Jones Design Co. paperworks.
I get the printed version because I'm too lazy way to busy to print it myself. At least for now!
What I love about Emily's paper are the colors, the cuteness, and all the options.
Each month includes a calendar, chore charts (wishful thinking), grocery lists, to do lists, scripture cards, a print, and even a surprise. There's tons to use and while I'll never use it all, it's ok because most of it can be used any ol' time! AND IT'S ON SALE TODAY!
Plus I kinda want to grow up to be her!

/this is the june paperworks collection/

Then there's Blair Turner's Very Busy Box.
May was my first delivery. Somehow I missed the boat on April's.
It's more than paper though. Not only did I get some cute BTP notepads, she and her hubby curate a little collection of office supply goodies just for you.
Now this is right up my alley!
My husband would call it crap, but I call it a little piece of heaven!

And now we come to Krista's Creative Paper Collections!
The new collection (my favorite so far) is the paint and confetti!
I love this color scheme! Her palette collections in the VIP clubs got me into these.
I like CC papers for school. Bright, happy colors keep my mood a tad better!
These notepads are the real deal. Super heavyweight paper. And the printing is impeccable!

/isn't my little rhino adorable??/

Another brand I'm digging is Heidi Swapp. I first saw her stuff at Michaels.
I'm in major need of her Minc foil machine...just fyi Heidi if you want to give one away!! I'm open!

/flea market pouch of goodies/hello beautiful metal circle clips/hello beautiful washi tape strips/

Do you know of any more paper companies I should be aware of??

five for friday (sunday edition)

Only 2 more fridays after this one folks!
I might be a little excited.
But then I think about all the awards days planning (trying something a little different...)
plus all our festivities for the last 10 days, but we can do this!
So here's my week!

the butterfly unit is from Linda Kamp and the rest is from me. I haven't posted the quad stuff yet because we are still using and testing it!

and here's the winners from my growing bundles giveaways last week!
congrats y'all!

the deal with growing bundles (giveaway!)

Growing Bundles.
So this may be the new trend on TpT right now
when they first started popping up, it was a little iffy to me
most of the early growing bundles had a new upload each month, but you lost on the previous month
then they took off with a few sellers who began to bundle their already best selling resources like Lyndsey's Nonfiction packs, First Grade Blue Skies' Directed Drawings, and From the Pond's Write Cut Paste the Room packs.
Then came the growing clipart bundles...
now these got me!
I have to have every.single. one of Mel's scrappy monthly bundles, and then there's border bundles, too!

I had been considering ways to share my little on the spot worksheets that I make for my classroom and I knew this was it!
I started scouring my school computer and home computer looking for these lonely little files and wa-la! The Teacher's Toolbox was born!

Now, this is no mega huge monthly bundle.
There's no way I could hold myself to a full product each month.
Not with 3 kids, 2 baseball schedules, a new Etsy shop, blogging class, graphic design class, TpT, and oh yea...being a full time teacher!
Instead, this product is all the random goodness on my hard drive!
Here's a preview of everything so far.
It's about 3 "things" per upload.

There's math, reading, writing, a print or two that haven't made it to the Etsy Shop yet, organization, newsletters, etc. Really, all that stuff that's good stuff, but not worth the work to list for $1!



It's also good for me because I get into that dreaded "in progress" file and see things I have been working on for months, or in some cases...YEARS! I can pull from those if I do not think I really have a need for it any longer. It also brings into my brain what I already have! Sometimes, it's way too much!
I also have a graphing growing bundle because there was not a single product I found that addressed 2nd grade common core goals in this area. I made a winter themed one for my sub to use when I was out for a few days back in December being professionally developed, and I figured why not do one for each season!


I will admit, the pressure is real. I mean, I do not know how some of these girls do it! I get all worried when the next upload is due and I never want to slap something together just to meet a deadline. Trust me, there are many, many many deadlines I do not meet at my day job! eek
So the graphing bundle for summer is delayed a bit because we're working on reviewing shapes so we can move on to fractions. And I just got the May 15 toolbox posted on May 17...
but it's all good! you like randomness?!
If so, enter to win the graphing growing bundle OR the Teacher's Toolbox growing bundle, OR BOTH!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and here's a few from my friends!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

We {heart} Teachers Week Winners!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week! I know I was showered with notes, small tokens of appreciation and more hugs then I knew what to do with! 

But, let's get on to the REAL reason you're here! You want to see who won all those AMAZING prize packs! Well... here they are!

Day one... 

Day 2...

Day 3...

Day 4...

Day 5...

Gift card winner... 

Our Digital Prize Pack winners!

Congrats again to all our winners! If you want to get a better look at all the goodies that were up for grabs, be sure to click the pic!

I also want to give out a HUGE thank you to our company and blogger sponsors! This event couldn't have happened without you! <3! <3!

A Modern Teacher Planner Giveaway!

I am 100% sure you know April from A Modern Teacher makes fabulous planners, but did you know she now makes PERSONAL planners too! When April sent me the info on her new printed planners, I knew it was something I needed! So, perhaps you will agree with me!

I've bought my fair share of digital planners (four to be exact) and I can tell you that they are all still right on my laptop.
I don't have a personal printing press. I have a great laser printer for prints and school stuff, but in a planner I need a tough cover and great binding. I'm not a dainty gal. I lug stuff in a back and forth in a big ole' bag from home to school to the ballfield and back again every single day.
I need a cover that can withstand me! And this one's super sturdy!
Plus April's personal planners merge TEACHER LIFE and FAMILY LIFE! Yes!
I'm sure y'all are way more organized than I am; but if you keep notes in a lesson planner, a data notebook, on stickies, on the back of your kids' work, or the back of your hand, then maybe this is our answer!

And if you are not a fan of everything bright like the Rainbow Chalkboard design I chose, April has two other more subtle options: The Sunshine and The Black and White Dot!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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